Three Shooting in Visalia in Two Hours

FRESNO, Calif.

The shootings happened on Santa Fe and Murray ... Caldwell and fairway ... and Houston and Santa Fe.

Visalia Police say just before midnight a sixteen-year-old boy was walking with his dad on Caldwell when he was struck in the face and neck. He went to the hospital but officers say he was not seriously hurt.

On Santa Fe and Murray ... police say a man was shot by several people at just after one in the morning. And then ... just forty minutes later ... a house on Houston Avenue was shot at.

Sgt. Steve Phillips said, "Right now it does not look like they are related we can find nothing that really ties all three of them together that doesn't necessarily mean they are or they aren't but right now there's nothing to indicate they are related."

Anyone with information about any of the shootings is asked to call the Visalia Police Department.

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