Lemoore Man Arrested On Rape, Human Trafficking Charges

FRESNO, Calif. 47-year-old /*Randy Lee Chiles*/ is in the Kings County Jail on false imprisonment, human trafficking, robbery, and sexual assault charges.

The suspect's wife told us that her husband's arrest has been overblown, and that he was just trying to teach the victim a lesson after he stole his son's iPod.

But police in Lemoore say this was a serious case of a man sexually assaulted, beaten and held against his will.

Lemoore police say on Monday a 20-year-old man was held captive in this house on Oleander Avenue for several hours where he was raped and robbed by 47-year-old Randy Lee Chiles.

Lemoore Police Chief Jeff Laws said, "He escaped from the residence and ran to another residence and asked for help and we do believe he was sexually assaulted while he was tied up in that residence.

Neighbors say the man ran to a house just a block and a half from where Chiles lives.

Chiles' wife, who did not want to speak on camera, told us her husband is innocent of any sex crimes and was only trying to teach the victim a lesson since he stole their son's iPod.

But Chief Laws says the victim was an acquaintance of Chiles who came to Chiles' house willingly, but was later tied up and sexually assaulted.

"And it was over something ... pretty non significant," said Chief Laws.

On Thursday, Lemoore Police and other local agencies served a search warrant at Chiles house.

He was arrested for robbery, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and sexual assault crimes.

Chiles is also charged with human trafficking because police say he tried to sell the victim to another person.

Neighbors were shocked when they heard about the charges.

George Garcia said, "Sort of scary being so close to home it's a pretty quiet neighborhood everybody gets along with everybody and not too much happens."

Officers are looking into whether drugs are involved in this crime. They plan to submit the case to the DA's office on Monday. Chiles is being held on $315,000 bail.

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