19th Congressional District Candidates Top Million Mark in Fund Raising

WASHINGTON Fresno City Councilman Larry Westerlund has not yet posted have any campaign signs. Westerlund's campaign fund shows 62-thousand dollars, the lowest of the four candidates. Westerlund said, "That's what I would expect when everybody else in this campaign has gotten on an airplane and gone to Washington with their hand out to try to get money from special interests."

State Senator Jeff Denham loaned 150-thousand dollars to his campaign and has raised close to half a million dollars. His balance is at 307-thousand dollars.

Denham dismissed criticism most of his money comes from special interests in Washington and Sacramento. Denham said, "You know, when you're not doing well in fund raising you make up a lot of excuses but i would challenge anybody to take a look at my report. It's local dollars. It's people from our community, our voters and that's what really is gonna make a difference."

Former congressman Richard Pombo now has 213-thousand dollars in cash on hand after raising double that amount. Pombo said, "The four of us for the most part are conservative republicans an we're going after the same voter base and some of us have been more successful than others in gaining support for our campaigns."

Former Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson has just over 71-thousand dollars in his campaign fund right now. Patterson said, "You can be a leading candidate but you do not have to sell yourself. I am very comfortable that we have plenty of resources and plenty of people. I'm more concerned really about collecting votes."

Democrats Les Marsden and Loraine Goodwin have raised about 20-thousand dollars each. Marsden had nine-thousand left while Goodwin's account showed just 40-dollars.

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