Robbery Leads to Lockdown of Fresno Office Building

FRESNO, Calif. After the robbery, witnesses reported seeing the suspect run into the office building. The suspect was never found, but for nearly an hour, police could be seen outside of the building's entrances, as people inside waited for the all clear. "I'm sure there were a couple of people that were fearful. But for the most part, I think they took it in stride. There were plenty of police around, so I think everybody felt pretty safe," said Ken Wittwer of Morse, Yardumian and Wittwer.

Police say a suspect matching a similar description also targeted another woman outside of a nearby Bank of America just about an hour before. Both happened in the middle of the day, to the shock to many who frequent the area. "It kind of puts you at unease. The way things are happening. This is supposed to be a decent area of town, which is why we chose this place, and to see this, it's a little unnerving," said parent Kahliib McCall, as he picked up his child from a nearby daycare center.

Police say at this point, they don't have a very clear description of the suspect, or a suspect vehicle.

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