Poll Shows No Clear-Cut Favorite in Congressional 19th District

FRESNO, California State Senator Jeff Denham now tops the poll with 27-percent of the support from voters polled. Jim Patterson had 26-percent. Richard Pombo showed 16-percent and Larry Westerlund rounded out the field with six-percent.

All four are quick to point out the poll showed 25-percent of voters were still undecided so there's plenty of time to separate themselves from the field.

State Senator Jeff Denham picked up two points to move to the top with 27-percent of the support among voters polled. Denham said, "We've done some internal polling and our numbers are very similar to yours and I'm very proud of where we're at with those numbers."

No change for former Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson, who remained at 26-percent for a statistical tie. Patterson said, "It seems like it is telling us that we are very competitive, that we continue to be competitive and even while the other candidates with large amounts of money spent it they are less than effective."

Former Congressman Richard Pombo was up three-points to 16-percent but he points to the 25-percent undecided. Pombo said, "At this point it's name ID, who they've heard of in the past. That'll harden up as time goes by and people will start making their final decisions as to who they're gonna vote for."

Fresno City Councilman Larry Westerlund was thrilled even though he dropped from seven to six-percent in the latest Action News poll. Westerlund explained, "All the numbers now are still in the margin of error so it's amazing to me that probably 500-thousand dollars have been spent by my opponents and they've got nothing to show for it so I think that means the numbers are still very soft."

As for the democrats, Dr. Loraine Goodwin holds a 18-to-10-percent edge over Les Marsden. John Estrada was second in the exclusive Action News poll with 15-percent. Estrada has not qualified to appear on the June ballot but he plans to run as a write-in candidate.

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