Do It Yourself Baby-Delivery for Valley Couple

FRESNO, Calif. 21-year-old Chris Hick is smiling like a proud father ... but just a few hours earlier, it was a totally different story. "I was going the speed limit just cruising," said Hick. "Then next thing you know she's like 'my water broke' and she was pulling down her pajamas."

Hick and 20-year-old girlfriend Gladys Vazquez were driving to Community Regional Medical Center from Kerman -- when baby Miley decided it was time for her grand entrance.

"I was getting contractions in my stomach and was pushing already -- I just couldn't help it, I was pushing already," said Vazquez.

Hick says he never stopped the car -- just kept driving down Kearney Avenue as his baby girl was born. "So I'm trying to drive and hold the baby at the same time and she's just having the baby and she just picks it up I can see the umbilical cord all connected -- I was freaking out and stuff."

They made sure the baby was breathing and mom wrapped her in her blouse and dad's jacket. Nurses rushed to meet the couple at the hospital entrance.

"We started into the hospital and I said we're going to take her upstairs and he's (in a daze)," said Nurse Supervisor Rena Sterling. "I said are you okay? He said I'm fine, I'm fine."

The young dad was in a bit of a shock -- but mom, he says, was calm through the whole ordeal. "She was perfect, just holding the baby. 'Look, awww ... she's got your ears.' And I'm over there freaking out about to have a heart attack," said Hick.

"I was just ready to have her right there already -- I wasn't scared," said a smiling Gladys Vazquez.

The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes. "She came out perfect ... she came out when she wanted to come out ... she didn't wait for any doctors," said Vazquez.

The family has been calling friends and relatives sharing the happy news and the now funny story of how baby Miley came into the world.

"It was perfect though, we had all green lights, no red lights ... all green lights like it was meant to be," said Hick.

Baby Miley came a week early, she is seven pounds and very healthy, with an older sister at home who just can't wait to meet her.

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