AM Live Ag Report

FRESNO, Calif. Stickers that comply with the new A.R.B. truck rule are now available at the Fresno County Farm Bureau.

By April 30th, fleet owners must permanently apply or paint an "ag" identification label on each low-mileage, limited-mileage and specialty agricultural vehicle in the fleet. The rule follows the requirement by the state air resources board.

Dairy farmers will soon earn more for their milk.

The State Department of Food and Agriculture reports on May first dairy producers will get about 8-cents a gallon more for the milk their cows make.

The average on-farm price for a gallon of milk will increase to a $1.33. But it will still cost farmers more to produce the milk than what they earn in return.

Prices for butter, cheese and powdered milk all increased during the month, which pushed the price of milk higher.

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