Fresno state to lay-off more employees

FRESNO, Calif. The State Legislature is nowhere close to adopting a 2010-2011 budget but University President John Welty says now is the time to act.

Dozens of Fresno State staffers and managers will laid off on July 1st. Welty said, "The budget plan that we have developed calls for us to eliminate 46 state positions."

Welty made the announcement before a glum group of campus employees.

Cari Calad received her layoff notice on Thursday. She's an assistant in the Student Affairs office. Calad said, "It's hard. It's stressful times. People have houses. They have mortgages. They have families they have to support."

The campus cuts hit several departments. CSU-Employees Union Chapter President Nancy Kobata explained, "There's a high concentration in our print shop, our IT department, some academic departments, some accounting."

Welty says the school is not considering dropping any sports but the athletic corporation needs to make cuts. Welty said, "They will lay off an additional six employees and take some other measures to balance the budget."

Faculty members won't be laid off but some part-time lecturers could be let go before the fall semester.

Because of staff reductions, students can expect delays in academic advising as well as financial aid processing.

Welty said, "I know that this is a dark day for our university community."

Welty expects enrollment to decline by 9.5 percent this fall so spending must be reduced by 8.5 million dollars.

Kobata said, "We're doing with less staff already and so to cut us even more, the university is just going to have expect some work is just not going to get done."

Welty says a failure to act now could result in a severe disruption in the fall with a larger number of layoffs.

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