Clovis Rodeo: Day Two Qualifiers

CLOVIS, Calif. Team roping qualifiers have been taking place since 8 Friday morning. Lots of people have showed up...they said it's all about tradition. For die-hard rodeo fans early morning time trials are a must.

Fresno's Flint Sweet said: "The weekends are nice too but it's kind of nice right now. Not so many people around. You can talk, have your coffee and watch everybody."

"You enjoy the competition and these are all of our friends that we've known for many years," said Fresno's Frank Ferreira, Jr.

Last year 35,000 friends and rodeo fans paid to get a glimpse of this action.

"With the weather being the way it's gonna be we expect a great walk up crowd," said Ron Dunbar, the Clovis Rodeo Association President.

Dunbar said ticket sales for this non-profit organization are up this year despite a rough economy. "We try to give as much as we can. So whatever tickets we get and the people understand when you come through the gates, you're helping the community."

Friday morning the community had a chance to enjoy all the customs and traditions that go along with this annual event.

"We have people here that are the world's champions. Other people have been to national finals back 15,20,30,40 years ago. It's a big family is what it is," said Ferreira, Jr.

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