Clovis Rodeo Brings in Business

CLOVIS, Calif. Area businesses count on it, especially when most are suffering through this hard financial time. Last year about $5-million was pumped into the local economy.

So far this year the Clovis economic development department believes it is on track to meet and possibly break the 5-million mark.

The action is as real as it gets for fans fired up at the Clovis Rodeo. Along with the kicks and falls in this arena business owners nearby are celebrating the financial gains of such an event.

Tim Dorais just opened his bakery. This is his first rodeo and he's already reaping the financial benefits of foot traffic from Saturday's annual parade.

"We've had more customers than we had during the Christmas parade and the Christmas parade, we were wall to wall with people," Dorais said.

John Forestiere has seen similar gains at his Italian deli. He had to doubled his staff and extend restaurant hours. "With the rodeo in town people have been coming after work and after the rodeo is over so we've been staying open late," Forestiere said.

Finding a hotel to sleep in is near impossible this weekend. Hampton managers say all their rooms were booked over one week ago.

"We actually have about 7-8 rooms filled with people from Texas that flew in last night. People from Arizona, from down South and up North, from everywhere," Adrian Comacho said.

With monetary gains up there are still some who shut down their business on Saturday.

"If we were open you guys wouldn't have anywhere to park."

Brooke Leeman plans to make up the difference later at her clothing store. "You get a lot of people from out of town. A lot of people that walk in and say, 'I had no idea that you were here,' and they come back," Leeman said.

Area businesses still have at least another day to capitalize on crowds.

The economic department says it will take several days for the "dust" to settle here before they have a clear picture of this year's economic boost.

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