FBI: "Person of Interest" Identified in Times Square Bomb Attempt


Authorities identified this possible suspect by tracking the sales history of the Nissan Pathfinder parked near Times Square on Saturday night. Sources say he is a man with a Pakistani background.

The White House is sharpening its tone.

White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs said, "I would say that whoever did that would be categorized as a terrorists, yes."

While investigators hone in on what happened on the crowded corner in Times Square, the White House is intensifying its focus on international suspects. The investigation is turning up new clues. Investigators found fingerprints and a vehicle identification number on the Pathfinder which led them to the owner of the SUV.

Reporter: "Did he shed any light on the investigation?"

New York Police Chief, Raymond Kelly said, "You know, the investigation is going forward I'm not going to get into the details."

Officials say he is not a suspect and neither is the person who the license plate is registered to. The license plate was taken from another vehicle at a Connecticut auto shop. Investigators continue combing through hundreds of hours of surveillance video, including video of this man with the backpack who removes a layer of clothing and looks back at the SUV before leaving the scene.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "If you recognize him call the police but, it is hardly the only avenue that we are going down."

Police say the crude bomb contained a type of fertilizer incapable of exploding and the detonator made out made out of alarm clocks hooked up to firecrackers failed.

As for /*Times Square*/, it's as if nothing happened. The only difference beefed up security in an already highly scrutinized area.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility, but the police have found no evidence to support that claim.

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