Motorcycle DUI victim remembered in Fresno

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Ken Klein spent every day riding his motorcycle and enjoying life to its fullest. On Sunday, nearly 400 people honored his legacy in Northeast Fresno by doing the same. "Funerals can come in many shapes and forms; today I want this funeral to be a celebration of who Ken was."

Klein was killed more than two weeks ago while on a motorcycle ride in Central Fresno. Police say a drunk driver was going more than 100 miles per hour on Fresno streets before slamming into him.

Klein's girlfriend, Jeri Perry who was riding on the back of the bike was critically injured. On Sunday, she remained on life support.

Perry's son, who attended Klein's memorial service, says their family will likely take her off within the next 48 hours. "It's my mom, you know? It's the hardest decision in my life."

This crowd says the fact that Klein died at the hands of a drunk driver is a tragic irony. He had been sober for nearly 15 years, and worked as a drug and alcohol counselor. Two hours before he died, he was helping people in a DUI program.

"It's one of the most painful things I've ever experience in my life. I loved him very much and it doesn't seem fair that this had to happen," said Klein's sister Rocki Ramsey.

Family and friends hope others will learn from Klein's death and the pain it's caused. They plan on wearing these red and black ribbons for the next thirty days -- red for drunk driving, and black for death.

"If you want to drink, stay home. Don't take someone else's life because you're being selfish."

The suspect in the crash, 25 year old José Calderon, will be arraigned Monday morning. Both families say they will be there in court.

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