Fresno Man Arrested After Chase, Zip Gun and Drugs Seized

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Neighbor, Bill Gibson said, "When I heard sirens and the chopper came over real low I knew something was going on. I walked out in the yard and saw that little car barreling down the street."

CHP officers say the car was driven by a man who is suspected of driving under the influence. The car chase reached more 65 miles per hour before a helicopter followed him to the home which is just a few feet away from an elementary school full of young children.

Neighbor, Daniel Varela said, "Luckily the kids were in school not being released or early in the morning."

Inside the car officers found a substantial amount of street drugs.

CHP Officer, Shawn Wills said, "It was hard drugs possibly meth."

An ambulance had to be called in because the suspect began having a reaction to whatever was in his system.

"We don't know if he ate some of the drugs," said Officer Wills.

Gibson said, "He was shaking on the ground over there like convulsions and seizures."

Officers also pulled a homemade shotgun from inside the car as neighbors looked on.

Varela said, "It was a zip gun. I guess its two pieces of pipes welded together, you have a shotgun shell inside it."

Neighbors say based on the suspect's past they are not surprised by the chase that unfolded on Fresno city streets, but they are glad it's over.

"I'm glad they put a stop to it. Hopefully with this one he'll be put away or a while so our streets will be a lot safer," said Varela.

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