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FRESNO, Calif. Fresno County Ag officials are developing a quarantine for the potentially devastating pest. Ag officials say they haven't made any additional discoveries since three Grapevine Moths were found at two locations in Fresno and Kingsburg late last week.

They plan to set traps and treat an eighty square mile area of the county over the next week to determine how widespread the infestation may be.

The grapevine moth has already devastated millions of dollars in crops in Northern California wine country. More than 190,000 acres of grape crops are located in Fresno County worth more than 700-million dollars.

Fresno County farmers lead the nation in harvesting farm subsidies.

The Fresno Bee reports agriculture department records show Fresno farmers have collected nearly $1-billion since 1995. Last year alone, the farmers took in nearly $76-million.

Rice and cotton growers benefit the most. Kern, Colusa and Tulare counties are in the top five nationwide for total farm subsidies received.

However, California ranks ninth among states for total subsidies received. Only about 10-percent of California's farmers receive subsidies. The fruit and vegetable crops in the state are largely unsubsidized.

Advocates of raw milk hope legalization of sales in Wisconsin will lead to broader acceptance of unpasteurized milk and approval of sales in other states.

Wisconsin's governor says he will sign a bill passed late last month allowing farms to sell raw milk directly to consumers through 2011. Wisconsin would be the 20th state to allow such sales, including California.

Raw milk opponents, meanwhile, say as more states legalize sales, there is a greater chance of people becoming sick from contaminated milk.

The State Fair is seeking the best California wine.

The state fair's wine competition is the oldest and most prestigiously judged wine event in North America. Last year, over 600 wineries took part.

Entry forms, fees, wine labels and the wine itself must be submitted by this Friday to building 6 at Cal Expo in Sacramento. Judging takes place June 2 through the 4th.

For details call the California State Fair Wine Department at (916) 263-3159.

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