Farmersville girl in critical condition after dog attack

FARMERSVILLE, Calif. The attack happened in the back yard of the house. Police say, the 1-year-old girl and the dog were passing by each other in a doorway when the dog attacked her.

Neighbors say the scene was chaotic at the house on Ventura Street in Farmersville Thursday morning. It started when they heard screams coming from the backyard. Another neighbor told 18-year-old Lino Camacho and his mother to call 9-1-1.

Camacho said, "So I just ran that way with them and then I heard her say there's a dog and then I when I heard that I jumped over the fence and I had walked on the side so I could see where the dog is."

The teenager described the dog as a large boxer. He said the dog was biting the little girl as he jumped over a fence to try to save her.

"Once I got there I punched the dog right away on the neck so it could let go of the baby and it tried to get me so I just did a head lock," said Camacho.

Lt. Mike Marquez said, "The community came together this morning and absolutely did the right thing."

The 1-year-old girl was stabilized at Kaweah Delta Medical Center before she was airlifted to a hospital in Fresno. The attack happened at the child's aunt's house. Authorities say the aunt watched her niece on a regular basis. Police say the aunt was also injured as she was trying to protect the girl.

"A broken finger several scratches bruises as well as a few bites in her arm area," said Lt. Mike Marquez.

Police say the dog will be quarantined for ten days, at which point the family can opt to have a vicious animal hearing. If it's deemed vicious, the dog will be put down.

Police said the toddler suffered major injuries, including to one of her eyes. She is still listed in critical condition.

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