Madera Police look for witnesses in weekend shooting

MADERA, Calif. Police say at least 150 people were at the park at the time. But even with all of those potential witnesses, they've been unable to come up with any real leads. "What we're asking for is people to come forward. There were people walking up and down these streets and we didn't have any success getting a witness ... It's pretty rare that one out of 150 people won't stay around and talk to us," said Detective Hector Garibay with the Madera Police Department.

Donald Holley, a Madera community activist, saw the big crowd at McNally Park earlier in the afternoon. Now, he's concerned about the park's image. "I try to let people know it's not the park. It's just something happened in the neighborhood and the park is the only thing they identify with," said Holley.

Police are still investigating whether the shooting was gang related but think Baker was specifically targeted. The question is why. "There were a lot of people. And we feel the people, the majority of people, are from the Fresno area. And so we feel the shooter may be from Fresno as well," said Madera Police Sergeant Robert Salas.

That possibility has Holley even more defensive, not just of the park, but the entire city. "It's sad that they have to come here and have their gangs and fights here in our town. I would like to not see this. And I hope it doesn't happen here. If they're coming here targeting each other because they don't like each other, then it gives Madera a bad rap for what happens," said Holley.

Police say they realize that some of the witnesses may have been scared to stick around Saturday night, especially after hearing gunfire and seeing other people run. They're asking anyone to call with information, even if they'd like to remain anonymous.

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