Fresno State is preserving the history of Valley Veterans

FRESNO, California A lot has changed on the campus since the spring of 1969 when a snafu with Jim Wulf's student deferment led to being drafted by the U.S. Army and his tour in Vietnam.

Wulf said, "I can still remember everyday just like it was yesterday."

His memories and those of dozens of other Valley Veterans from the present to World War II are being captured by students working on the 'War Veterans Oral History Project.'

Danielle Stephens said, "I think it hit me more on a personal level 'cause it made me think more about the people that are actually fighting right now."

War often leaves unseen scars that last a lifetime.

"The brutalities of war and changes that occur in a person and the life changing experiences that sometimes you overcome and some you'll never overcome," said Wulf.

Student and Veteran Joshua Shurley learned a great deal from Jim Wulf's experiences and his homecoming.

Shurley said, "The way that returning veterans are treated. There's a lot more recognition and respect it seems to me."

The oral histories will be housed in the Madden Library with the intention that the project continues to add the many stories of Valley Veterans yet untold. Not always easy stories to hear but important lessons to be learned.

Wulf said, "They can actually read for themselves, the actual stories that come out of people like me."

So far the Fresno State students have interviewed eighty veterans from World War II through the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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