Fresno Police Cutting Jobs, Substation

FRESNO, Calif. Making those deeper cuts will mean ultimately callers would spend a few more seconds waiting for 9-1-1 calls to be answered. And it's also possible those crime fighting surveillance cameras will go unmonitored for hours at a time.

The central policing district will be eliminated if the council decides to follow the recommendation of Fresno Police Chief /*Jerry Dyer*/. Cutting this district will save over a $1 million.

Chief Dyer said, "This will allow us to be more efficient in the fact that we will be using less managers within those districts, fewer supervisors. It's also going to allow us to create what we believe to be a fourth shift. Currently we have days, swings and mids. We'll be able to create a lap shift as a result."

115 video policing cameras have been monitored by police cadets over the past few years. But with no cadets left in the latest plans, finding staff to man the cameras would mean they are no longer watched 24 hours a day... And when they are manned, they would be watched by officers on light duty.

Mayor /*Ashley Swearengin*/ does not expect the public to notice a drastic difference in police services with these proposed cuts. But losing close to 40 community service officers will have some impact.

Mayor Swearengin said, "I think they provide a terrific service and they really are force multipliers and that's been an area that we've had to sacrifice and I'd love to see those added back when we can afford it."

The chief and mayor agree, the community will have to take a more active role in making sure their neighborhoods are safe ... relying on police less and neighborhood watch and volunteer groups more.

The council will have the opportunity to propose changes next month. The final budget has to be approved by June 30th.

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