High fashion health hazards

FRESNO, Calif. Lady Gaga wears some outrageous outfits in her "bad romance" video. But unless you want to end up on crutches which she uses in one of her music videos, Consumer Reports Shopsmart says beware of certain looks that can actually hurt your health.

"Skinny jeans may still be in style, but the pain they can cause is not something anyone would want. Overly constrictive pants can cause bladder infections or even blood clots in your legs," said Dr. Orly Avitzur.

So skip skinny and go for slim jeans instead.

Another fashion culprit is flat, floppy footwear. "Most flip-flops lack support and stability. And that can lead to inflammation and heel pain."

Far better for your feet are closed-heeled shoes that are much more supportive. It can help to look for the American Podiatric Medical Association's seal of acceptance.

And what about humongous handbags? Doctors recommend lightening your load before you do any real damage to your upper body.

"Carrying a heavy purse can take a huge toll on your back, neck, and shoulders. I see a lot of patients who are in real pain because of carrying a lot of heavy weight in their purse."

You want to make a point of lightening your load and use a clutch or a small bag with a wide strap.

Another risky fashion choice is big, dangling earrings. They can damage your earlobe.

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