Ozone Dentistry

FRESNO, Calif. Dr. William Netzley is using a pain-free technique called Ozone Dentistry with specially treated air and water that even he admits ... sounds too good to be true.

"It's far-fetched, yes," said Dr. Netzley. "No drilling, no filling, no pain, no nothing."

The FDA approved machine creates the materials, Dr. Netzley says, help the body, heal itself. Medical grade oxygen or O2 is energized through the device, called a coronal discharge machine, which adds an extra oxygen molecule to create O3 or "ozone".

The machine also ozonates water which can be used on patients as a kind of "super rinse". The ozone gas is loaded into a type of syringe but the needle is used only to deliver the gas to a tooth, it does not enter gums or tissue.

When the ozone is applied to a cavity, Dr. Netzley says, it completely sterilizes the tooth, reverses the cavity. Process and "turns on" the natural reaction in the mouth to start making the tooth, healthy again.

Dr. Netzley said, "It helps the tooth re-mineralize itself and thus heal itself and according to the claims and research, prevents the tooth from ever getting a cavity again."

That's the result Debbie Kintgen of Fresno is hoping to see. Dr. Netzley says it takes longer to get patients prepped for the treatment ... than the ozone process itself.

Just 60 seconds in the chair and Kintgen is done. "It was great. No pain at all. You wouldn't have known anything was being done"

Dr. Netzley says ozone works best for surface cavities and minor dental problems that are caught early.

Traditional methods are still used such as numbing and drilling for more serious work such as root canals, but when ozone is added to the procedure ... the results can save a smile.

Wayne Sadoian of Fresno says his ozone treatment saved two teeth, he almost lost to decay. "The results are that I'm happy I have my two front teeth and no pain and no discomfort."

Dr. Netzley says ozone eliminates the need for harsh chemicals to sterilize the treated tooth ... and the gas can be added to other materials to treat a variety of dental related problems.

What's in this little jar could be considered a medical miracle worker. It's ozonated olive oil ... which becomes a type of balm. Dr. Netzley gives it to his patients to treat irritations or sores in the mouth ... some even brush their teeth with it and their symptoms disappear.

Dr. Netzley says the cost for ozone treatment alone, is $75.00. But he doesn't charge extra for ozone if it's used during more involved procedures. He says both patients and dentists save money in the long run with less time spent in the chair and less risk of a cavity coming back.

"I believe in the future, everybody will be using it," said Dr. Netzley.

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