Fire kills hundreds of fowl

FRESNO, Calif. The fire broke out around 8 o'clock at Blythe and Kearney, near Kearney Park.

Firefighters don't know what caused the fire but said it started in the middle of a holding area for hundreds of chickens and ducks. Many didn't survive. "When we got here about half of it was fully involved fire.

A lot of animals perished, we just don't know how many," said Fresno Fire Battalion Chief Tony Escobedo.

Firefighters say the fire proved challenging for a number of reasons, including a lack of water and breezy conditions. The structure posed its own issues. "There's no way to get in there without busting and breaking fences and boards and walls.

It looks like this place was designed just for animals and very little access for people, let alone firefighters and hoses," said Escobedo.

Two firefighters were treated at the scene. One had a knee injury, the other with heat exhaustion. But their quick work kept the nearby home and its occupants safe.

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