An American flag is flying over Hedrick's Chevrolet once again

FRESNO, Calif.

The flag is back in place and can be seen for miles just off of the highway. Many in the community say they are glad to have this symbol back where it belongs.

A bare flag pole came as a shock to many who had grown accustomed to the welcoming site of the American flag that waved over Hedrick's Chevrolet for the past five years.

American Legion Riders Post 509, Roger Marshall said, "Everyday I've driven by you can see it. I salute it every time."

With the help of local firefighters and high schools students the massive 20 by 40 foot flag was raised back over the car dealership in a special ceremony Thursday morning.

Police say thieves jumped a fence and took the flag last Tuesday. Veterans and many in the community say they took the theft personally.

Veteran, Jammie Wilson said, "When you look at the flag pole and think of the lives lost behind it. The missing of this flag is was disrespectful."

Over the weekend old glory was anonymously left outside a Clovis fire station, carefully rolled inside a duffle bag.

Patriot Guard Riders, Rob Talbot said, "I'm just happy they brought it back. It shows people do have a conscience."

Now that the flag has been returned to its post ... the $645 dollars that poured in from the community to replace it was donated to the central valley blue star moms-an organization that sends care packages to u-s troops serving overseas.

Central Valley Blue Star Moms, Barbara Pease said, "Our young men and women are fighting for the freedom to fly this flag and what it represents. I'm so proud of them and so glad it found its way home."

With hands to hearts, and arms raised in salute -- the flag has returned to it post as a symbol of freedom.

Action News talked with the owner of Hedrick's Chevrolet who says they will add more security features around the flag like a surveillance camera and a lock on the ropes used to lower the flag. Police still have no suspects in the case.

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