Nightclub success in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, California The man behind the idea says a trial run has been a huge success and made thousands in extra money for the city.

After the last pitches are thrown ... the 600 Club is transformed on weekends into an all night dance club. Taking a chance has paid off so far for club creator Rick Mirigian who says the setting and location make the Penthouse a unique destination.

Mirigian said, "It's three stories above the city, it's an all glass venue. We have a unique set up with VIP sections and tables and it creates an ambiance and an energy that you can't find in places that are makeshift restaurants but turn into nightclubs at night."

Mirigian says weekends are drawing in over one thousand people for a party that lasts until 4 a.m. The past three months have generated more than $12 thousand in revenue for the city of Fresno. City of Fresno Events Manager William Broomfield says the income potential is exciting.

"The revenue has been fantastic. We've been doing tremendously well as far as that but with the expansion we deem to see more which would allow us to reinvest in the stadium and continue to improve it and make it better for everyone," said Broomfield.

Security concerns by some council members were eased by Fresno Police Captain Greg Garner. He assured city leaders, there have been few problems to report. Contract police officers keep watch over the crowd to ensure the club is providing a safe atmosphere.

Captain Garner said, "From a police perspective, I will say it's been refreshing to see the level of responsibility for public safety that's been taken on by the promoter."

The council approved plans to allow the Penthouse in the 600 Club to expand to other areas around Chukchansi Park. It will include an 18 and over club at the Tecate Cantina and a poolside party place in the outfield. The presidents suite would also be available to rent for private parties. Together the clubs will be referred to as Fresno Live.

Mirigian says the Penthouse has a strict dress code and is so popular because it caters to those looking for a good time after all the other local nightspots have gone dark.

"People who wouldn't go to a nightclub because the clock has ticked away, they have additional time to go out now and that helps," said Mirigian.

It also helps the bottom line ... that right now is doing well.

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