Movement to quit Facebook

SAN JOSE, Calif. May 31st has been designated as 'Quit Facebook Day.'

A website has even been built to inform people about the movement. It all stems from privacy concerns.

Facebook is an online social tool that has permeated every aspect of communications albeit sharing photos with friends, updating a relationship status and even delivering the local news.

With over 400 million users Facebook is a marketers dream but users need to understand every post could be very public.

"I read there's 170 options and 50 clicks to actually lock down your FB profile," said Nick Gundry, founder of the Social Media Club in Fresno. It is a group that promotes media literacy and how to navigate the world wide web responsibly. "People have lost an element of trust in them because they've made some recent changes to their privacy settings but it's an opt out process rather than an opt in," he said.

According to a recent poll conducted by a U.K. antivirus and security company 30% of users said they were "highly likely" to quit Facebook. Another 30% said it was "possible" they would quit and 16% said they already stopped using Facebook over privacy concerns.

"We users have to have some responsibility also," said Dr. Tamyra Pierce a professor of Mass Communications and Journalism at Fresno State.

Tamyra added complex privacy settings and accusations of sharing information with third parties has resulted in users leaving the site.

"In the recent events of private information getting out and I think what a big concern identity theft is I think people are being a little bit more cautious," Pierce said.

Users we spoke to say they are careful what they post.

"There's no good reason to give anybody information that you think is private so don't do it," Fresno's Ally Norgard said.

"If people are really concerned they need to look beyond FB and how they use the web and the type of information they put out," said James Collier of Fresno.

Facebook officials said more than 10 million people have joined since the privacy settings were changed last year and half of all users have adjusted their settings.

Currently Facebook is tweaking its privacy settings to make them simpler and easier to use.

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