Action News poll shows Meg Whitman widening gap

FRESNO, California The latest Action News poll conducted by Survey-USA shows Whitman with a commanding 54-to-27-percent lead among voters polled.

Two weeks ago Poizner dramatically surged to within just two points of Whitman. But ABC30 Political Analyst Tony Capozzi said Whitman's substantial edge in campaign spending - 68-to-28 million dollars - is difficult to overcome.

A TV ad touting Meg Whitman's* agricultural support was shot at Harlan Ranch in Clovis. Capozzi called it an effective counter-punch to Steve Poizner's momentum. Capozzi explained, "You know, the old saying is money is the mother's milk of politics. It's true. You can see what all this advertising and the money spent, how it affects the polls."

Capozzi said Poizner's attack ads helped him move to within just two points of Whitman two weeks ago. He added, "The problem with Poizner's campaign is every time he hits Whitman with something she comes back and hits him back with more ads and more money into the campaign, which is very difficult to overcome."

Whitman's newest ad features former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice and Governor Mitt Romney.

Capozzi said, "It's a battle over who's more conservative than the other and in fact, they're both moderate republicans. But to win the primary in the Republican Party you have to go to the right and be very conservative."

Capozzi said with just two weeks before the June election Poizner must change his tactics and come out with even stronger attacks.

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