ABC's "Lost" comes to an end

FRESNO, Calif. "I'm really sad that it's ending because it's been one of my favorite shows for the last six years now."

Josh Mcillwain has been an avid "Lost" follower since the first episode. He and his friends sat anxiously inside this Southeast Fresno home Sunday, watching the 4 and a half hour finale special. They threw a party to commemorate the occasion and honor a show some fans say is unlike anything else on TV.

"I love the production quality of this show. It's like watching a little movie every week and it all fits together to be an awesome really long movie."

"Lost" began as a story about plane crash survivors living on a mysterious island. It eventually evolved into a supernatural phenomenon.

Last week's episode snared nearly 8.8 million viewers. And once the final numbers are in, TV critics say the "Lost" finale could be one of the most viewed in history.

"I'm sad but I was glad they set an ending for it because too many shows keep on going forever and then they stop and sometimes they stop in really horrible places."

And while this group is disappointed "Lost" has come to an end, they hoped the finale would give them closure by answering their burning questions about the island and the people on it.

Towards the end, the long awaited episode did not disappoint. "I'm incredibly excited. I love where they're going with this so far and I really have no idea where it's going to end up but I can't wait to see where it ends."

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