Encouraging news at Fresno State

FRESNO, California Fresno State President John Welty says he is encouraged by Governor Schwarzenegger's May revised budget and says decisions need to be made soon. "I would hope there could be prompt action."

On Monday Welty and other California State University presidents met with legislators in Sacramento to voice their support of the governor's budget.

The spending plan calls for $305 million to be restored to the CSU budget plus an additional $60 million for enrollment growth.

"It will allow us to enroll an additional 15 hundred students ... that's important because we've turned away 28 hundred students," said Welty.

Welty says the funds will also allow Fresno State to reopen classes students need to graduate.

Fresno State student, Stephanie Daniels said, "Even if it's just one section they could get done with education a lot faster which saves money for the students and the state."

According to CSU Chancellor Charles Reed the state budget calls for students to pay more for their education next year.

"The governor's recommendation in January and May recommends a 10 percent fee increase with the $365 million," said Reed.

46 Fresno State employees have already received pink slips and are scheduled to be laid off July first. Welty says funds from the state budget could save some of those positions, however, the university has to move forward and eliminate jobs.

In order for changes to affect the fall semester Welty says a budget has to be passed by June if not, the earliest the university may see changes is spring 2011.

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