Major staffing changes for Fresno Unified

FRESNO, California At the end of the school year Yosemite Middle, Carver Academy and Webster Elementary will undergo dramatic changes like a longer school day and year, as well as new staff.

Fresno Unified Superintendent, Michael Hanson said, "We will replace principals and half of the administration and we start fresh we start anew."

Thursday night FUSD's school board voted in favor of a state turnaround model reforming the three schools in the district identified by the state as persistently underachieving.

Next Wednesday Hanson plans to recommend a new principal at carver. Under the new guidelines Carver's 5th and 6th grade students will remain at the school, while 7th and 8th graders will be bused to Scandinavia or Tioga Middle Schools until a new middle school is built in Southwest Fresno.

"Literally anyone they went to in Fresno Unified would be in a better situation that what was happening at Carver," said Hanson.

Carol Mills said, "We made one step forward but 2 steps backward."

Mills is one of two board members who voted against transporting students out of the Southwest Fresno district where 600 students are already bussed daily.

"I voted against it to close the only middle school ... should they choose to do so," said Mills.

Leaders also agreed to move forward on considering a plot of land at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Church as the potential site for a new middle school. The proposed site is nearly two blocks away from Carver -- once a school is built Carver's role in the community will be re-examined.

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