Rick Morse released from Jail; again

FRESNO, Calif. An Action News camera exclusively caught Rick Morse leaving the Fresno County Jail just after 5 a.m. Friday morning. Morse had been sentenced to fifteen days in jail earlier this month for violating a court order banning marijuana dispensaries in Fresno.

On Monday he was released because of overcrowding. But a judge sent him back to jail a few hours later -- ordering him not to be released until he served his sentence.

The sheriff's office says that's not for the judge to decide. Morse says he's happy to be out.

"God bless America. Got to be in court in a couple of hours. Not sure what else to tell you. If I was awake I could give you a better quote," said Rick Morse.

Morse says he's surprised the jail released him this morning and he's hoping a judge doesn't send him back this afternoon.

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