Fresno Police Chief Dyer to present anti-gang effort

FRESNO, Calif. The forum is Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at the Westside Church of God on California Avenue. Fresno Police fear the city's murder rate could get worse as summer approaches

There have already been twice as many murders than last year. Warmer months usually trigger more violent crime. Police say just this past weekend officers investigated three murders and nine shootings.

Chief Dyer says many gang feuds are brewing and unfortunately ending in death. "They have very little concern or fear. They don't have a fear of consequences of going to jail or prison; they don't have a fear of even dying. These are the individuals we are dealing with. I believe our officers are dealing with them very effectively."

Police say close to 70 percent of murders this year in Fresno involve gangs. The latest happened Saturday when a young man was beaten to death at a water festival in Southwest Fresno.

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