Big Fresno Fair Woos Sarah Palin

FRESNO, California "Because for a fundraiser she's one of the hottest speaking tickets on the market right now. We think she'll draw a crowd, we think the crowd will pay to see her and we'll raise some money for the Big Fresno Fair." That's the opinion of Larry Fortune. He's the treasurer of the Friends of the Big Fresno Fair. They are a non-profit group that raises money for the annual event.

He doesn't see bringing the former Governor and former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate as any sort of political statement. "I don't consider it that, just as Rock and Roll Bands aren't any kind of statement they're entertainment and I think she's gonna be an excellent entertainment venue," said Fortune.

"I'm still not getting that she's an entertainer, she gonna juggle or what?" I asked.

Fortune responded, "There are a lot of people in the Democratic Party who would allege she is a comedian."

Fortune says he's guessing Sarah Palin will cost the fair, about the same as it was revealed she will get to speak at Cal State Stanislaus.

Larry said, "They're going to be paying her $75 thousand, she will be speaking at the Bakersfield Business Conference that week. I would think we'll have to pay something in that neighborhood, but I don't know."

And we won't know either, since her speaking fee is confidential.

Action News Political Analyst Tony Capozzi expects a Palin appearance at the fair to be controversial. "You're going to have a lot of conservative Republican activists to see her speak and meet her backstage. But I think during the speech you're going to have a lot of people protesting, raising a lot of cain. It's going to be a very interesting event."

Fortune says the deal to bring Sarah Palin to the Big Fresno Fair is not yet signed, sealed and delivered, but says his organization is optimistic she will come.

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