14th District State Senate race, debate over residency

FRESNO, California A state assemblyman and four political newcomers are looking for the republican nomination after Dave Cogdill decided he wasn't going to seek a second term.

Assemblyman Tom Berryhill is a mover and shaker in state politics. But it's the moving ... that's caught the eye of his four opponents in the 14th Senate District Race.

The California constitution says candidates have to live in their district for one year before they can be elected. Berryhill says he lived one mile outside of district 14 before moving inside the borders recently.

One of his opponents ... Attorney Heidi Fuller went all the way to the California Supreme Court challenging his candidacy.

"What we're doing is absolutely legal, it has been tested and the lawsuit that is in front of us now is absolutely frivolous and frankly it's the only way that my opponents have tried to get any traction," said Berryhill.

The Supreme Court did not take the case. Heidi Fuller is one of four political newcomers trying to take down the frontrunner, Berryhill. She wants to reduce taxes and regulation.

"The bureaucracy in California has gotten out of control. We were losing, hemorrhaging private sector jobs at the rate of thousands every month ... tens of thousands every month," said Fuller.

Investment Adviser Tom Marsella is the only candidate living in Fresno County. A majority of the 14th senate district republican voters live here. He wants to lower taxes and cap college tuition.

"Nobody should be charged a 30% increase. If there's a problem in the state of California, get that place somewhere else but not the greatest investment you can get is in our education system," said Marsella.

Bret De St. Jeor runs a manufacturing company and feels California needs more business leaders in Sacramento. "I just got really fed up with the taxes and regulation that are forcing businesses such as mine out of the state. So I decided to stay and fight and see if I could make a difference."

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