Boy accidently downloads $1,000 iPod Touch App


11-year-old Nick Tucker was curious about an iPod Touch application he heard about. It costs $1,000 dollars. So he went to Bar Max and accidentally bought it without even entering a purchase password.

"I was definitely scared, and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know why it started downloading."

Bar Max is for real, a one-gigabyte legal course for law students preparing for bar exams. And the reaction from Nicks mom when she found out that $999.99 had been charged to her account?

"Utter shock. Unbelievable, I really couldn't believe it, I was speechless. And then it was like, how could you, basically it was like why did you because I thought he had entered the password."

Jacquie immediately paused the download and went to an Apple Store, which could not help. She then e-mailed Apple hoping to cancel the purchase. Now she has a message for other parents of kids with an iPod Touch or an iPhone.

"If they are repeatedly downloading things back to back it will not always prompt them for a password to download something, so they could get caught in the same scenario that my son was."

I noticed to be more careful when I look at things, because just a click of a button can change how much you owe people, or end up owing Apple.

The family got a call from Apple promising a full refund immediately.

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