Clovis East Senior overcame amazing odds

FRESNO, California Clovis East Senior Juston Smart is just a few days away from earning his high school diploma.

"Now I'm going to college ... life's full of challenges," said Smart.

His biggest challenge came when Juston was just 15 months old. His mother Sheri Smart says as a toddler he was having nearly 100 seizures a day, when doctors discovered a large tumor on his brain.

Sheri said, "EKG's told us he was on limited time and the tumor was inoperable."

After two surgeries surgeons removed the tumor along with a portion of Justons brain -- leaving the right side of his body partially paralyzed -- he says things were tough growing up.

"Throughout Jr. High and elementary school I was made fun of a lot because they didn't understand," said Smart.

In high school all of that changed. With teachers' encouragement he switched from special education classes to a traditional classroom putting him on track to graduate. He also joined the golf team for physical therapy.

Smart explained, "I was the little guy I had to push harder to play better."

He went on to become the second best player on his team which won a Valley title in 2007.

Clovis East Golf Coach, Greg Giannoni II said, "Whatever people thought of the small guy with a limp that couldn't do much, he proved everybody wrong."

Not only is he accomplishing goals many never thought possible, he serves as an example to always keep moving forward.

Sheri said, "The fact that he never gave up he's determined."

"It can really show it doesn't matter if you have a disability or not you can still be a great person," said Smart.

Juston has already made plans to attend Reedley College after graduation. Clovis East Seniors will graduate Tuesday at 8pm.

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