Close Congressional Race

FRESNO, California Despite the encouraging numbers, Jim Patterson and Jeff Denham aren't taking anything for granted. All of the candidates plan one final strong push over the weekend.

Former Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson believes his showing in the Exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA gives him momentum going into the final days of the campaign. "The people in the 19th District are not looking for negative campaigning and politics as usual. They're looking for something new and someone that they can trust to go back to Washington and represent them."

State Senator Jeff Denham trails Patterson 34-30 percent. The race is close to a statistical tie. The poll shows Denham holds a 5-point lead among those who have already turned in a ballot. "We've been polling as well and we're very confident. It has been a two-man race for weeks now and the voters are gonna decide on Tuesday. I'm a farmer and a veteran and we're gonna work hard to turn out the vote."

Despite being a distant third in the poll, former congressman Richard Pombo hasn't given up hope. "It really comes down at this point to what people do on Tuesday and which way the undecideds break and the decisions people make."

Fresno City Councilman Larry Westerlund can only hope for a miraculous finish. "We'll certainly voter turnout is always the big factor. If people don't turn out then you know, who knows what can happen."

On the democratic side, our Exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA shows Les Marsden and Dr. Loraine Goodwin tied at 26-percent. 48-percent are still undecided here so this race is a tossup.

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