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FRESNO, Calif.

Some farmers are seeing their income improve.

According to the new Rabobank U.S. Farm & Ranch Survey, year-over-year income for U.S. farmers and ranchers has improved 24 percent since the fall of 2009.

About half of U.S. producers state their income was worse when compared to last year. The Ag economy remains a concern for 94-percent of producers. However, the survey shows farmers in the south and west have seen improvement.

The U.S.D.A.'s foreign agricultural service is leading a trade mission of nearly 20 U.S. companies in Iraq.

The U.S. companies representing commodities, consumer-ready food as well as agricultural equipment are meeting face-to-face with Iraqi producers, buyers, and investors to develop trade relationships. They're hoping to expand the range of U.S. food and agricultural products exported to Iraq, promote joint ventures, and boost investment in Iraq's developing agricultural sector.

Agriculture is Iraq's second largest economic sector.

The U.S.. Department Of Agriculture is developing a low-allergy natural peanut that could offer an alternative to people with severe nut allergies.

U.S.D.A. scientists says they're working to process hypoallergenic peanuts from natural sources that include cloned nut and legume trees. Researchers say once they pinpoint thresholds for allergens and antibodies, they hope to create a peanut with the lowest chance of triggering an allergic reaction.

Severe peanut allergy is the most common cause of food-related death in the U.S.

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