Shooting ends with a crash in Downtown Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

The man is in critical condition, but police don't know if his injuries are related to the crash.

Fresno police say the apparent victim of a shooting caused this mangled mess in downtown Fresno Saturday as he tried to drive himself to Community Regional Medical Center.

The man was exiting highway 41 when he slammed into this SUV, which was being driven by a Fresno police department employee.

She was on her way to work when the crash happened.

Police immediately recognized the car who hit her after people who witnessed an earlier shooting gave them a description.

"Some of the people at the scene said this vehicle was headed to the hospital with a possible victim of a shooting in it," Lt. Jon Papaleo said.

Minutes before the crash police were called out to this apartment complex in east central Fresno after neighbors reported hearing several shots in the area.

When they arrived, witnesses told police the victim was shot while parked underneath a car port. Instead of waiting for help witnesses claim the man then rushed himself to the hospital.

People who live at the complex say the shooting doesn't surprise them because the area has had similar problems before.

"There's been cops off and on here since we moved in, but this is the first time they've taped it off since we've been here," Jackie Place said.

"It's scary. You wonder if someone is gonna come through a back door or a window while you're there," Michael Place said.

Fresno police spent several hours at the complex Saturday.

They're still trying to piece together all of the details including who was involved and what led up to the shooting that eventually caused this crash.

"Like I said, we're in a spot right now where we're really trying to find out what happened," Papaleo said.

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