Central Valley residents help 3-year-old Fresno girl battle aggressive cancer

FRESNO, Calif.

The girl's name is Jocelynn. Her medical problems started in late December when her parents noticed she was losing her appetite and could not hold down food.

Now, during what should be a time of celebration, she's fighting for her life. Truly happy moments like this one for the Guerra family have been fleeting since the beginning of the year.

Their child Jocelynn will turn three on Monday but the chances of her reaching a fourth birthday are in limbo...she has a tumor in the back of her head that has run down her spine.

"She did have surgery. They removed part of the tumor that was in the lower part of her spine," said the mother Jennifer.

This type of cancer is called Ependymoma. It is rare and oncologists say it accounts for only 10% of tumors found in children.

"It's just very overwhelming and it's just been hard because my husband and I were both finishing up school…It's been pretty hard but everybody's been so great with helping us out," Guerra said.

Jocelynn almost did not make it to her own party Saturday because her white cell blood count is very low right. Her family and the doctors said that needs to rise before she receives her next round of chemotherapy.

Saturday morning family members, friends and total strangers showed up in Northeast Fresno to celebrate this little girl's courage.

They are also raising money through donation boxes and a silent auction to help pay for the mounting medical bills.

"This is just amazing to me to have such a turn out for this little girl," Kelley Barr from Auberry said.

"Whatever we need to do to help this family out. We're young parents and we know what it feels like to have little ones," Clovis's Christina Serbin said.

The Guerra's know the road before them will be long but say with this type of support and love their daughter will overcome her medical challenges.

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