One dead after party organized on Myspace

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened just outside the city of Parlier on East Parlier Avenue and South Zediker Avenue.

Shortly after midnight Saturday Fresno county sheriff's detectives were called out to this vineyard near parlier.

When they arrived they found two men in their early 20's shot on this dirt road.

One was hit in the chest and died, the other was taken to Community Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

Sunday morning medical supplies used by emergency crews were still on the ground.

"I heard 6 shots. I came out and I saw a lot of people spreading out, running out scared," Resident Robert Hernandez said.

Residents we spoke to said at least 200 teens were out here partying on this dirt road. The place is littered with blue cups just like this. These residents also say that parties in rural remote areas have become a real problem.

"Basically almost any killing around here in the Fresno area and the Central Valley, California it is a gang thing," Hernandez said.

Detectives said party organizers used social media outlets such as MySpace and Facebook to draw such a big crowd.

However, at this time there are no suspects or motive for the shooting.

"They're just trying to have a good time and somebody comes and messes it up," said Hernandez. He went on to say, "I just feel sorry for the parents. That's all I can say. I just feel sorry for them."

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