Hanford fireworks show

FRESNO, Calif.

But this year's show could be the town's last.

"This year, we will have fireworks, but this coming year, we're really in jeopardy because if we have the same funding we had this year, we won't be able to do the fireworks." Wayne Kuhn is a member of the Hanford community fireworks committee.

He says it costs $34,000 to put on the annual event at Hanford High School.

So far, they've received $21,000 in donations which has forced them to rely on extra funding collected in years past.

Already thinking ahead, Kuhn and other community members have launched a campaign to save next year's show.

They're hoping the community will help them win a $10,000 grant through Liberty Mutual Bank.

The bank is hosting a nationwide contest to help fund fireworks shows.

"And all you need to do to qualify for the grant is having a lot of people in your community take a very short multiple choice quiz on a website."

People who live in Hanford say getting rid of next year's fireworks show is like losing a piece of history.

And for a town of this size that's something everyone would miss.

"Yeah, I've been, I think 4 or five times and it is for the kids. They kids really enjoy it."

"I think that would be awful. A lot of people go to the fireworks show. Families take their kids. It's a great show."

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