Fresno Solid Waste employees are frustrated

FRESNO, Calif.

The employees who drive the solid waste trucks are concerned as the city moves toward outsourcing trash service -- they will be left in the dump.

Roosevelt DeLeon said, "The bad thing about us losing our job is that we're not doing anything wrong. We are losing it because the city council and the mayor wants to make money not because of our inefficiency or our inability to do the job right. We do it better, cleaner and faster than any private company can do it."

Tuesday some employees showed up to city hall wearing their message for the mayor.

Daniel Santos said, "We provide a service to the citizens and to the businesses at cost to provide a service of collection of trash as opposed to a private company they're for profit. They want to make money cause they're in business that's why they are in business."

Public Utilities Director Rene Ramirez says the proposal to privatize is not about work ethic or performance of current employees, it's simply about savings.

Ramirez said, "We're looking at ways to try and fill a need to provide other core services such as public safety and so that's what this process is all about. It does not have anything to do with the service that our employees provide to the community."

Ramirez is hopeful if solid waste services are outsourced, the new company would keep most employees. The city will begin asking for bids from private companies later this month.

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