Court Records: 2 women acted as "bait" to rob men

FRESNO, Calif.

One of those men was killed and the other stabbed.

Jose Francisco Jacobo is still recovering after being stabbed several times earlier this month. What started out as a good time ended with his friend dead and Jacobo seriously hurt.

"He's not good and he just don't wanna remember that night," Jose Francisco Jacobo said.

Court records show 18-year-old Princess Hernandez and 20 –year-old Sonia Miranda met the victims at the El Prado Bar near Roeding Park.

"After the bar, they went to another house. They continued their party then somehow they made their way to southwest Fresno," Mark Salazar said.

According to the police reports the group was drinking at a central Fresno apartment complex until the women received a phone call from their accomplices to bring the victims to another location.

Reports show the women lied and one of them said she needed a ride to check on her child.

At Trinity and Whitesbridge, police say three people waited nearby ready to rob and attack the men in an alley.

That's where Jacobo was stabbed, and his friend shot. He died four blocks away. Since that evening, Jacobo's life has taken a downward spiral.

"He's not doing good because he's not working right now and he can't support his family."

Police say the victims were innocent. They did not know the women who baited them until that evening. Detectives are still looking for Julio Cesar Sanchez, Victor Guerrero and Amy Cabbell.

The sole survivor is struggling with physical and emotional wounds. He wants to see all five suspects held to answer for his friend's death.

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