Environmentally friendly laundry detergent

FRESNO, Calif.

"Now I love doing laundry. And our laundry detergent and our laundry fabric softener are excellent products." Martha Stewart is using YouTube to market her eco-friendly laundry detergent.

Consumer reports tested all kinds of laundry detergents, including the one from Martha. They all face the same challenge - in both top-loaders and in high-efficiency washers.

"We also run the same kind of load using just plain water so we can see what difference the detergent makes," Bob Markovich said.

Martha Stewart's laundry detergent claims it "removes tough stains" and consumer reports uses swatches soaked with tough stains.

"We have ring around the collar, we have wine, blood," Pat Slaven said.

After washing, testers use this device to precisely measure how much of the stain has been removed.

So how did Martha's detergent do?

In conventional top-loaders, there was barely a difference between the swatches washed in Martha's detergent and those washed in plain water.

"I can't tell the difference," Markovich said.

And the results from high-efficiency washers were only slightly better. Water's on the left. Martha's detergent is on the right.

So which detergents did do well? For conventional top-loaders, Tide 2x Ultra Concentrated for Cold Water worked best.

And for high-efficiency machines, Gain Original Fresh h-e is a best buy at just six cents a load!

If you're looking for a green laundry detergent, Kirkland Signature Free & Clear 2-X Ultra did reasonably well in consumer reports tests.

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