BBB says Public Service Pathways is a scam

FRESNO, Calif.

With unemployment numbers still high in the valley many people are looking for a quality job.

A company called Public Service Pathways is offering just that.

A flyer virtually guarantees people a high paying federal government job that can land you over $30 an hour with great benefits.

"It seemed like a decent opportunity. Let me go and take a look." Ed Baroutjian is one of the dozens who showed up to the various seminars held at the Exhibit Hall in downtown Fresno.

It costs $5 to get into the hour and a half long seminar.

Public Service Pathways at the end of the session, virtually guarantees that their lessons will result in a job with a government agency.

But it comes at a price tag of up to a $1,000.

"Actually provides an online program for these people who choose if they decide they need the help. The program is there to help them work through the process," Seminar Host James Murphy said.

"We see these types of companies kind of pop up whenever unemployment gets high," Doug Broten said.

Doug Broten is the president of the Better Business Bureau in Fresno.

He says Public Service Pathways is not doing anything illegal but considers what they're doing a scam because their offering services that can be found for free online.

"What we encourage people to do, is get that from the horse's mouth so to speak. Nobody can guarantee a government job."

The BBB says they've received almost a hundred complaints about the company, prompting an "F" rating.

But it hasn't stopped Public Service Pathways from holding seminars across the country.

"One of those reasons it's an "F" rating is because they don't have enough information," James Murphy said.

After this particular seminar Jaime Thomas and her friend ultimately decided not to pay the money.

"I don't think it was a scam. But they definitely wanted money," Thomas said.

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