Fresno County's budget battle, a look a winners and losers

FRESNO, Calif.

The board voted to give Egan $450,000 dollars, of the one million they shifted out of a workman's compensation fund. Egan says she will be able to retain some of the Deputy DA's she was set to layoff.

The Public Defender's office, which defends most of those charged by the DA remains decimated by cuts. The board restored only $150 thousand to their budget. Defense Attorney Scott Bailey protested. "I could not fathom how the justice system in this courthouse is going to function for this county with these numbers," said Bailey.

The Probation Department, which oversees Juvenile offenders also received just $150,000. Probation Chief Linda Penner says it's not enough to make room for more offenders ... or prevent the early release of those in custody. By contrast, the Fresno County Sheriff's Department came through this budget having to cut some clerical positions, but no deputies, or correctional officers.

County Supervisor Susan Anderson opposed the entire budget because she feels the Sheriff's Department got too much. "I'd like to think we're in the same boat here but it appears to me there are a very small part of the County got all the lifeboats," said Anderson.

Anderson was the only supervisor to oppose the budget ... which totals $1.7 billion.

The final figures however depend on what happens with the state budget in Sacramento and more talks, and cuts are likely in the coming weeks.

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