Construction workers beat the heat by starting early

FRESNO, Calif.

Many Valley construction crews started work early Monday ... to finish before the hottest part of the day. The city of Clovis allows construction crews to start their shifts at six a.m. from June to mid-September which is typically the hottest time of the year. But for some workers ... like Chad Pricolo ... work doesn't wrap up until the job is finished. Pricolo and his crew are installing solar panels on this roof in Tulare. They get paid by the job ... so they squeeze in as many daylight hours as they can. As the afternoon wears on ... the temperature on the roof climbs to 119 degrees in the shade - which means 150 degrees or more in the sun.

Chad Pricolo said, "The guys all know no one questions if you're getting thirsty ... we just wanna know we're heading down. They're grabbing water whenever they need it. We make sure we have water onboard. We've got an ice machine ... we make sure it's full everybody stays hydrated ... that's the only way we do it. "

Another important piece of heat protection is the right shoes ...

Chad Pricolo said, "You can see the tilt of the roof ... the weight it always pushing you downhill and if you get inexpensive shoes ... the actual bottom of your shoe will come apart from the actual sole of the shoe will slip ... and so there's guys who come back and the whole sole ... is lopsided ... one side is fatter than the other."

The roof tiles can also slip ... so a cool head and sure footing are a must. Pricolo takes no chances with his crew when the weather gets hot. Breaks are as much a part of the job ... as getting the angles straight on the solar panels.

Chad Pricolo said, "If you're feeling tired ... get off the roof ... grab some water ... and get in the shade."

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