"Twi-hards" wait nearly 24 hours for movie premiere

FRESNO, California

The book and movie series has girls of all ages obsessed. 13 year old Gabrielle Soyea of Visalia described why. "The romance, the action, the attraction between a werewolf and a vampire ... and it's all about a girl," said Soyea.

The story of a love triangle between a girl, a vampire, and a werewolf also has mothers hooked. They call themselves 'Twi-Moms'. "We're kind of the old crowd ... I don't want to say old. We're in our 30's, and we're are just into this and our husbands think we are absolutely crazy," said Nicole Crandall of Fresno.

In northwest Fresno, about 50 women got together for an adults only event featuring a "Vampire Vineyards" wine tasting and "Total eclipse of the heart" food station. "I think of the book. I think of things that would reflect the characters, the theme, the setting. And I try to bring it together and I really enjoy doing that," said hostess Kim Demaria.

The party also included a peeking Edward and screenings of the first two movies. Though women made their 'team' known by wearing shirts with Jacob's or Edward's name, they were prohibited from saying either's name. "If you say one of the main character's names, someone can take your beads from you. And the end of the night, whoever has the most beads is going to get a present," said Nicole Godbolt of Fresno.

But while women of all ages debate between Edward and Jacob, we found one mom who had no interest in either. "Those are boys. I want a real man. So it's all about Charlie ... Charlie is Bella's dad, Billy Burke. And he's fine!" said Wendi Danyluk.

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