Lemoore City Council votes down Arizona Law support


The Lemoore City Council considered a resolution in support of the law, but it failed after councilmember's found themselves divided.

Councilmember William Siegal brought the resolution forward Wednesday night. He said the council members were elected to make the community's voices heard.

Most of the community members who addressed the council agreed with Siegal -- and for one, it was personal.

"My son was killed two years ago by an illegal alien because this state didn't have the courage to do what the federal government should do. It's always hard to be a leader. It's easy to do nothing," said Joe Simonson.

"We should not get involved, I would urge that this city not adopt this resolution to support the law. I think that is not our place to do that," said Sharon Demasters.

The Lemoore City Council voted against the resolution, 3 to 2. Council members who opposed the resolution said it was not the city's place to get involved.

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