Fighting for an end to the conflict in Oaxaca

FRESNO, Calif.

The group says the town of "San Juan Copala" has been under siege for the past six months. They want Oaxaca's newly elected governor and Mexico's federal government to end the conflict.

Two dozen members of the "Indigenous Front of Binational Organizations" or FIOB gathered at Fresno's Mexican Consulate -- holding signs and demanding an end to the violence in Oaxaca.

Many members of this human rights group have close ties to the town of San Juan Copala, which has been under siege since January by violent paramilitary groups -- who have terrorized its residents.

Just this past May, two human rights activists were killed while attempting to deliver food and medical supplies.

Tuesday Mexican consul in Fresno Reyna Torres met with "FIOB" and promised to deliver their message to Mexican authorities, and to Oaxaca's newly elected governor Gabino Cue Monteagudo.

FIOB says the Mexican government has done nothing to stop the conflict and is demanding it break the siege and bring stability to the region.

That is why FIOB wants to bring this conflict in Oaxaca to the attention of the American government as well. They claim the repression of indigenous people in Mexico is one of the causes for migration to the United States.

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