Two juveniles arrested for shooting toddler

FRESNO, Calif.

It happened at North Central and Stewart near Houston Avenue around 10:30 Saturday night. The toddler was rushed to Children's Hospital in Madera County for surgery.

Family members say the three-year old is in critical but stable condition right now. Saturday night he was sitting in his father's lap when he was struck by a bullet.

The shot entered Miguel Velasquez's window late Saturday evening while he was watching TV with his son.

"They hit him in the stomach and it came through his back and hit him. The bullet stopped in front of him," said stepson Jose Hernandez.

The bullet almost penetrated Velasquez's hip. Hernandez said the shooters walked by the house at least once before firing off several rounds.

An ambulance rushed the toddler to Kaweah Delta Medical Center for emergency surgery, meanwhile detectives gathered shell casings and other evidence outside.

"This is not a gang thing. I don't know," Hernandez said.

The Velasquez's have only lived in the house for three-months and said they do not know why anyone would shoot at them.

Visalia police said this is a gang-related shooting and someone in the house was the intended target.

Hernandez said he felt safe regardless. Investigators said they believe they have everyone involved in the shooting however they are still looking for the motive.

The 17-year olds face attempted homicide charges.

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